Note for MT4 account opening

  1. to open an MT4 account you have to first open your LMAX Professional Live account (using the form above)
  2. after your LMAX Professional Live account is open and you fund it, you have to request the MT4 account in email sent to with a “Your name MT4 account request” subject
  3. in the email you have to add your LMAX Account ID and confirm how much money you wish to transfer from your LMAX Professional Live Account to your MT4 account

MT4 account request email sample:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please open an MT4 account for:

  Name: Your name
  LMAX Account ID: Your LMAX Account ID
  and please transfer from the LMAX web account to the MT4 account the following
  Amount: The amount and its currency you wish to move to the MT4 account

Best regards,
Your name

Risk warning

Online trading increases the speed and efficiency of trading. But does not lower the risk. The use of higher leverage together with not knowing the specificity of certain derivatives and other instruments could lead to total loss of your investment. FX and CFDs are leveraged products that can result in losses exceeding your deposit. They are not suitable for everyone so please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.


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